About Us

John,David,Bert in garden

John and David with John’s mother

John was raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  David was raised in Pennsylvania, USA.  We met in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1976.  In 1978 we moved to San Francisco where we lived until 2010.

Since November 2010 we have lived in Sandhurst Shores, Ontario.

We are especially interested in butterflies and dragonflies and have traveled all over the western USA to observe these insects as well as birds.  While we were avid birders in the past that activity has been overtaken by our interest in butterflies and dragonflies.  We still do observe birds casually especially here at Sandhurst Shores in the winter.  But as soon as the butterflies and dragonflies appear the birds take a back seat to the insects.

More about our interest in birds, butterflies and dragonflies.