The “dragon” in Dragonhunter refers to dragonflies and not the mythical beast. We search for dragonflies and damselflies as well as butterflies and other creatures. There is also large dragonfly called the Dragonhunter which is pictured above.  While the Dragonhunter sees other dragonflies as food, we are more interested in observing and photographing them.

We have found some dragonflies to be almost as mythical as the dragons of legends.  Some species can be very difficult to find and identify.  Most butterflies are more predictable.  But many insects have limited ranges and seasons which can make them much harder to find than birds.  You have to be at the right place at the right time with the right kind of weather.

As this website develops we will add some of the many photos John has taken through the years as well as whatever else might suit our fancy.